Verizon Treo 650 Now Shipping

Verizon Treo 650 $329.99 at Everything Treo Store

By: Christopher Meinck

The Verizon Treo 650 is now available through the Everything Treo Store for $329.99 (after a $50 mail-in rebate) and requires a 2-year service contract.

Data Packages Available

The new Treo 650 is not compatible with Verizon’s EVDO network. According to various reports, there were lines outside Verizon retailers in anticipation of the release. Various service plans are available starting at $39.99. Data package through Verizon is $44.95. In comparison, Cingular offers their PDA Unlimted Connect at $39.95 and Sprint offers the PCS Vision Professional Pack for $15.

Verizon Treo 650

Get all you need, all in one.

The Treoâ?¢ 650 smartphone from palmOne makes it easier than ever to stay connected. It simplifies your life by combining a compact mobile phone with email, an organizer, messaging, and web access. Thereâ??s also Bluetooth® technology so you can connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth devices. Not to mention an MP3 player, a digital camera that captures video, and a vibrant color screen that brings everything to life â?? all in a device thatâ??s still small enough to fit in your pocket. Seems like Treo smartphones just keep getting smarter.

Pick up a smarter phone.

The Treo 650 smartphone looks and feels just like a phone, but itâ??s so much more. Carry thousands of business and personal phone numbers with you, and dial any of them by name from your contacts list. Or enter a name or number on the QWERTY keyboard. Thereâ??s even an on-screen dial pad. speakerphone, speed dial, conference calling, call history, and caller ID make managing all your calls that much easier.

Stay connected with email and messaging.

The included VersaMail email client makes it easy to access and manage your email on the go4 â?? whether you use a popular desktop email client, IMAP or POP3. View photos, HTML, and even native Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint attachments. Synchronize your corporate Microsoft Exchange email and calendar with built-in Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync®. Or, opt to exchange quick thoughts, ideas, and images on the fly â?? all from a single inbox â?? with the built-in text and picture messaging application. With your messages threaded in a chat-style view, youâ??ll be able to see the entire conversation.

Organize your entire world.

With Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Memos and more, the Treo 650 smartphone lets you organize and simplify your business and personal life â?? all in one place. You can synchronize your calendar and contacts with your computer, so everythingâ??s always up to date. Plus, if you already have a Palm Poweredâ?¢ handheld or smartphone, you can transfer your information with the touch of a button. Best of all, you can expand the functions of your Treo smartphone by adding any of the thousands of applications available for Palm Poweredâ?¢ devices.

Access the Internet.

Access a whole world of websites â?? without wires. Get driving directions from the road. Check the latest headlines while waiting in line. Or download ringtones, applications and more, directly to your device. Web sites load quickly and the built-in Blazer® web browser even displays frames.

Point. Shoot. Play.

Optimized for multimedia, the Treo 650 does it all. Take and play your favorite tunes by transferring MP3s from your desktop. Or use the built-in digital camera to snap pictures and capture video and create digital photo/video albums to take on the road. Then show off your shots on a bright color screen that brings everything to life â?? even in sunlight. Better yet, point, shoot and share your moments instantly via email or picture messaging. And, with the MultiMediaCard/SD expansion slot you can add even more pictures and music, plus books, games, memory â?? you name it.

Connect with Bluetooth® wireless devices.

Talk on your headset or synchronize with your desktop without wires getting in the way. Or, use the Treo 650 hands and wire-free with a Bluetooth car kit. It has Bluetooth wireless technology built-in, so you can connect with a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Update: The Verizon Treo 650 is now available from the Everything Treo Store for only $199.99 after rebates.

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