Video: Video Recording, Editing and Sharing on the Verizon Palm Pre Plus

Palm provided us with a demonstration of their new video camera application. As you’ll see from the video, the whole process of shooting, editing and sharing video is very easy and well done. Sharing options include YouTube, MMS or via email. The current video is being shot in HVGA, but Palm representatives confirmed it will be VGA at release. The recording format is H.264. The addition of video camera capabilities will be available to all webOS device owners in the upcoming webOS 1.4 update that will be available over the air sometime in February.


  1. wow that was great Even one can edit making a copy of a shot after shrinking it and send it to youtube and sharing it via e mail or mms Great job Palm

  2. I wonder where the Facebook option went? Didn’t they show Facebook as an option at CES?

  3. btw.. you can use this service to send media (any media) to the palm pre from any source using
    and it’s 300MB free ;)

  4. I want a Pre Plus! Great Job Palm.

  5. “I wonder where the Facebook option went? Didn’t they show Facebook as an option at CES?”

    There is a Facebook option, just this particular Pre happens to have not had Facebook account details typed into it yet!

  6. That’s great. I had a Palm Pre, loved it, just lacked the apps. I just think it’s funny how every phone manufacturer is acting like they couldn’t have released a video recording option from the jump. They add it after the fact then act like it’s some new technology that just came out. Why is it that these simple basics that have been available forever come via an update later? Video recording is old news.

    Anyway, I’m happy to see they’re releasing it, my wife will be happy now.

    Also, it looks like they really sped that user interface up. My wife’s camera comes up slower than that. So the speed on that video recorder looks much better.

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