VoiceIt Technologies Suite of Applications Ready for Palm Treo 700p Smartphones

VoiceIt Technologies Suite of Applications Ready for Palm Treo 700p Smartphones

July 27, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

VoiceIt has added support for the Palm Treo 700p for their suite of applications.

VoiceIt Technologies LLC, a world-class technology solutions provider for smartphones today announced that its best-selling Palm OS software products are ready to support the newly released Palm Treo 700p smartphone. After extensive quality assurance testing with enterprise and consumer feedback, the VoiceIt Technologies suite of applications ensure that all Palm smartphone customers can add PoweredByVoiceIt voice navigation and security applications to their device. The new 2.0 versions are greatly enhanced with a new user interface and graphics for the Palm 700P, with backwards compatibility for the Palm Treo 650 and 600 for even greater simplicity and productivity.

With the introduction of Palms Treo 700p smartphone, VoiceIt Technologies continues to enrich the mobile experience by adding productivity, security, and convenience in the mobile users lifestyle with voice command and control functionality
The complete list of VoiceIt Technologies Treo 700p-ready software includes:

  • VoiceDialIt – the best selling premier voice dialing application for the Treo smartphone. This simple-to-use application allows dialing of existing contacts with ease by simply stating their name. Within minutes a user can train contacts and start dialing with their voice with a high degree of accuracy. Includes a New Voice Recognition Engine, user interface, screen graphics and Auto-Update Feature with support for French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese text and voiceovers. The small memory footprint typically allows 64-128 voice contacts to be recorded. The high degree of accuracy is based on the users actual voice print rather than generic English voice matches.
  • VoiceSecureIt – enables a user to secure their Treo smartphone with just their voice print phrase. This unique voice print phrase provides a secure and reliable way to protect personal and corporate data from prying eyes while meeting enterprise standards for maximum protection of sensitive data. The enrollment process is simple and easy to accomplish, and once set, provides a convenient and natural way to unlock the device.

  • VoiceNavIt – is the most versatile, powerful, and timesaving application provided for the Treo smartphone. This simple to Use Voice Command and Control application with macro recording and playback allows automation of the most common tasks with a voice command for the utmost in convenience. Just a simple voice command can retrieve emails, create new tasks, open applications such as calendar and tasks; switch between views; take a picture and save it; and much, much more. VoiceNavIt contains seven predefined macros for immediate use. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

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