VolumeCare Review

Review: VolumeCare Software for Treo 650/600

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By: Christopher Meinck

We’ve heard from time to time on the Treo forums
why is the speaker so low. I can barely hear my callers and they have a hard time hearing me.
There are a number of factors that can affect one users experience to another. This can range from the listening
area to the type of speaker output (Bluetooth Headset vs Wired vs Speakerphone).
GoTreo, who develops exclusively for the Treo, has released
VolumeCare to specifically address volume issues with the Treo 650 and Treo 600.

Giving the Treo’s volume a much needed boost

The main VolumeCare screen allows you to set different levels for your handset’s
speaker, the speakerphone and a wired headset. There isn’t a option for your Bluetooth
headset. The first thing I tested was the handset. It’s not unlike me to either leave my Bluetooth
headset at home or uncharged, leaving me with the handset or speakerphone. In busy areas, I have noticed
the handset is not where it needs to be volume wise. The directions were a bit confusing to me at first.
The software has a Start Volume and a Boost Level. It mentions the start volume will be enforced at the
beginning of each call. You then use the Boost to fine tune the adjustment. From what I got, the Start Volume
is your standard setting that you’re most comfortable with. During a call, you can access VolumeCare to
increase or boost for that specific call. The Boost dial is only used for "in-call" adjustments.
Once I figured this out, I was able to get down to business. I immediately placed a call and entered VolumeCare.
From the main screen, I proceeded to adjust the Boost and immediately noticed a drastic change in volume.
Not only did the volume increase, but I also retained the same level of sound and voice quality prior to installing
VolumeCare. I tested both the handset and speakerphone using the Boost setting. In both cases, I experienced a major increase in volume.

Update: I received information from the developer regarding the boost: The Boost
control is governor for the Maximum possible volume. This control allows
you to configure the upper volume range. Typically you will set this value
once and not really touch it every again. The main volume adjustment during
a call is still controlled through the volume rocker keys on the side of the
Treo. The "Boost" volume is immediately available. You just need to keep
pressing the Volume UP rocker key to get additional volume. You do need to
*ignore* the default volume bar graph display since it is no longer
calibrated with the increased "boost" volume". So just keep pressing the
volume UP and the Treo will just keep getting louder and louder.

Can you hear me now?

VolumeCare includes an option to control the level of the Treo’s microphone. Like the other options, you have
Start or Basic Setting and then you can utilize the Boost to increase the built-in mic’s levels. The implementation
of the boost is easily activated by hitting the Option+Upward Arrow on the 5-way navigation. This is designed it
increase your volume to your callers. My callers didn’t notice any major differences when using the Boost in
conjuction with the Mic. This could have been due to the setting used when testing which was a quiet office.


VolumeCare was developed by Treo developer GoTreo in response to many Treo owners looking for an increase in the
volume of their handset’s speaker. While recent Palm firmware upgrades have promised "voice quality enhancements",
there is still a need to allow for the increase in the Treo’s handset and speakerphone. If you find your Treo does not provide
enough volume, then stop waiting for the next Palm firmware update. VolumeCare is an easy to use Treo utility that offers
complete control and delivers on it’s promise to increase the volume on your Treo smartphone.

VolumeCare is available for trial in our software store and retails for $14.95.

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