VOXOFON To Offer VOIP App for Palm Pre

VOXOFON informed of us they will be releasing a mobile voice over Internet (VoIP) application for the Palm WebOS platform. The application is designed for use on the Palm Pre.

Voxofon for Palm Pre

VOXOFON plans to make the new application available on the Palm App Catalog later this year. After installation the callers can simply click on the VOXOFON icon on the phone screen to place a low-cost international call. The application works anywhere the phone has coverage and does not require a Wi-Fi connection. In addition, there are no monthly fees or contracts.

“VoIP technology offers great savings for international calling, but until recently it hasn’t been readily available on mobile phones, whose users have traditionally paid a premium for long-distance service,” said VOXOFON’s CEO Alexey Goloshubin. “We are very pleased to be able to add Palm Pre users to our smart phone customer base.”

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