webOS 1.2 Leaked

It appears that Palm inadvertently made webOS 1.2 available via the webOS doctor. A Pre|Central reader was attempting to bring his Palm Pre back to factory standard and to his surprise it installed webOS 1.2. While it’s not ready for everyone yet, we’ll take this information as it might be coming very soon.


One of the features includes the ability to enter account information in App Catalog, thus paving the way for paid apps. The deadline for submitting paid apps is September 15th. Are the stars aligning for the availability of paid apps sometime this month?


There are also reports of a “select all” option which might be an indicator that copy & paste will be improved upon.

[via Pre|Central]



  2. Yea and the ability to save pics from the web

  3. I guess we’ll have to wait and see Reggie. I hope it comes soon though.

  4. Reggie hey I already have text forwarding … What do you mean?

  5. Let’s not forget to add features like “create a folder” under e-mail, purge trash folder, delete multiple e-mails, camcorder application (FREE), stop limiting the amount of applications that can be kept on the Pre, etc.

  6. email forwarding++
    enhancements to text select, copy, paste, and undo

  7. mms audio and video

  8. i dont have one yet, am thinking of between an android and this one… but “can’t forward sms” ? that’s surprising… just like the iphone the first time around ?

    dont know if its there yet (now or in ver.1.20) but here’re i wanna see, basic very useful functions :
    – delete “several or all” sms, emails, mms (from lots of videos i’ve seen, it’s not there and i can’t believe its not there)
    – group contacts (not only for when sending a text to “friends” group but hopefully email as well)
    – file-transfer bluetooth
    – landscape virtual keyboard for browsing (it is a must, and again still can’t quiet understand this one is missing)
    – phone as modem (may not be necessary though)

    these are i believe must-have functions and in fact are standards on other phones…

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