webOS 1.2 Update Delayed

Yesterday we received word about Sprint’s website indicating the webOS 1.2 update would be released on September 8th and provided a list of the updates to be included. Now comes word via Sprint’s forum moderators that the update has been delayed.

I do not have an estimated launch date at this time, but this is not expected to be a long delay.  I will keep you all posted as I get more info. I believe it is just days, but I can’t guarantee that. I wasn’t told the cause of the delay.

It’s been a crazy week for the Palm/Sprint crew. We’ve had promotions that lasted hours, announcing the Palm Pixi in the middle of the night and now this. We know it’s coming and it’s coming soon. Let’s hope they are fine tuning the App Catalog for paid apps or perhaps adding a few enhancements that aren’t included in the list.

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