webOS 1.4 Now Available for Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus on Verizon

Good news for those of you on Verizon Wireless. Palm continued it’s midnight madness event with the release of webOS 1.4 for webOS devices on the Verizon Wireless network. It’s good, you want it, so go hit that updates box this morning if webOS 1.4 isn’t waiting for you.


Thanks Dora!


  1. ~The Lack of Credibility~W/Palm & Verizon & Sprint~

    By Common Knowledge, as Expressed, By The Global Tech, Community~The Palm Pre Was Launched Prematurely on June 6th, 2009 & The Building Blocks to a Successful Palm Pre Product Line~Would Have Been, Having This New Webos1.4, Coming Out on June 6th, of 2009, & or Another Date, as Opposed To This Current Upgrade, Which By All Preliminary Accounts is Fantastic in a Pragmatic Fashion & @ Multiple Levels~on Feb~27th…
    This is Where, Corporate & Internal Fear & Apprehension & Pressure & Anxiety~Sway Good Judgement…

    This New Virtual Experience, Would Have Been Awesome For The Initial Consumer & The 1.4~Update~Enables The Customer To “Actually” Feel The Acute Responsiveness of the Machine.
    It is Quicker~Faster~More on Point With The Assured Commands & The App Launching & Driving Their Internal Content, That is Inclusive, With The Work, They Actually Facilitate & Accomplish & Master For The Customer…in Rapid Fire Succession….

    This Current, 1.4 Update, is True & Didligent in its Purpose in Developing This Product Line, of “Internal Function”, Over, 150 Million Ludicrous Apps…which Can Always Be Leveraged, Once The “Machine” Becomes Operationally, “Stellar” in Nature…..

    This Pre~Cell Phone Now, Has a Certain Snappiness & Executes, with Authority, Which, Brings This “Machine” a Great Deal More, Authenticity, Integrity, in Its Compelling Competency & Maturity & with a Sense of “Internal” Accomplishment & The Integrity of Those Accomplishments, Bleeds Right into The Domain of Positive Self Esteem, in Humanistic, Tech Talk~lol~Regarding The Greater Good, The Development of This Palm Pre & of Course~For Every~One Associated With This Global Project…

    It Brings all of Us, a Chance To Bear in Mind a Need For a Complete & Thurough Game Plan, From Hard & Soft Ware Development To Pre~Launch, Then Launching & The Immediate Tech Support & Follow Thru..& @ All Levels of The Bureaucracy From Palm & Sprint & Verizon..

    ..As We Can See, The Big Three Are Playing Catchup, To Multiple Levels of The Pre~Teen, Anxiety & Latency & The Lack of “Mangaement By Objectives”…That Are Thoroughly Thought Out With The Contractual Agreements Between Palm & all of Their Carriers…

    This is Very Shoddy Execution..in Terms of their Over All Business Goals & Objectives, Regarding, Development & Planning, Execution in The Internal Phone Development & in Marketing & Business Development..Arena’s….
    Palm, Sprint & Verizon, Should Take This in to Consideration, Before They Blunder Their Way Through individual Launches & The Business Develpoment & Marketing Efforts, That Need To Be Synergized For The Greater Good of the Project, Rather Than Splintered & individual & Home Boy Corporate~Wants & Needs…That Fracture, The Very Core of Ones Corporate Existence….
    Respectfully Submitted~E. Patrick

  2. woohoo! I’m on everythingpre!

    pre plus is working faster, video is cool, and app loading screens are helpful!

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