webOS 2.0 device ‘RoadrunnerHD’ spotted on logs

Late last night, the dev of the awesome Cloud Hopper – Killin’ It LLC – spotted a rogue device courtesy of the logs on webOSroundup’s tool Metrix:-

As you can see, this device is using a resolution of 640 x960 and running v2.0 of webOS. Or should I really say device in inverted commas? I’ve decided to remain sceptical about this, although on initial reaction I admit I was a little excited, and, of course, got carried away a bit. Now this isn’t the first time of course that something like this has popped up courtesy of this clever little tool; developer Zhephree of the Foursquare app posted a screenshot of his logs showing a Roadrunner device, however as his app is open-source it was considered pretty easy for the deviceID and data to be edited.  That said, although CloudHopper is a closed-source app, making it potentially more difficult to fake this data, it’s still pretty possible this is the case.  Some educated insight from Zhephree explains:-


So….make of this what you will. Speculate. Salivate. There’s certainly nothing like a bit of a webOS rumour mill. Afterall, we’ve gotten pretty good at it

Original source: Killin’ It LLC’s twitter http://twitter.com/KillinItLLC6/status/2163569473

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