webOS-less Palm Pre Knockoff

Much of the appeal of the Palm Pre is webOS, but that hasn’t stopped this company from producing a cheap knockoff. It won’t run webOS and in fact we’re not sure what it runs. It does however look like a ringer for the Palm Pre, perhaps with a few old school Palm Treo stylings to boot. If you’re curious the specs line up include: 2.8-inch touchscreen (320 x 240 resolution), a T-Flash card slot, a 2 megapixel camera, inbuilt speaker, MP3 / MP4 player, a blazing fast connection to the web (GPRS, if you must know), Bluetooth, an FM radio tuner, alarm clock, a few games and room for 1,000 contacts.


[via Engadget]


  1. The part that they most accurately reproduced is the charge level in the battery indicator.

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