webOS Tablet is codenamed ‘Topaz’, works with keyboard accessory

It’s not the leaked Mr.Blurrycam® photo of that upcoming webOS smartphone we’ve been waiting for, but it is yet more information on the upcoming webOS tablet. It appears Engadget received a slide detailing a Bluetooth keyboard that will work with the upcoming tablet codenamed ‘Topaz’. The tablet reportedly takes design cues from the keyboard, with no hard buttons on the front.

Palm Topaz accessory

They also received word that a low-end phone aimed at teens codenamed “castle” is on the way to all three major carriers (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T). Perhaps that’s the Palm Pixi 2?


  1. Gyst= Get your stuff together
    Veer= BT Headset
    For me is a Bundle= Tablet, keyboard and headset.

    Dunno if Myte and Topaz would be the same. Just guessing.

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