webOS Tablet To Be Named TouchPad

According to our friends PreCentral, the name of the new webOS tablet will be the TouchPad. Arriving at the event early, they were able to listen in on a rehearsal of today’s upcoming event. The specifications for the TouchPad are exact to the first generation iPad. It will be 1.5 pounds and 13mm in thickness.

Will Apple think this name is too similar to the iPad? Remember, this is a company that went after the city of New York and went to trial over the usage of the term ‘pod’.


  1. Searnfootball says:

    cool for the 1% of people that love webOS … But no one else will buy this over the iPad … Especially since the iPad2 is sure to be not far behind.

  2. Have you heard when the iPad2 might be coming out?

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