What Do You Want In the Palm Pre Plus?

Next week, we expect Jon Rubinstein to take the stage at CES and announce the follow-up to the Palm Pre, likely the Palm Pre Plus available on Verizon Wireless. So the question we’re asking is, “What are you expecting from the Plus?” Will it simply be a bump in storage capacity? Will they take a page from Apple’s playbook and differentiate by offering video capabilities? Of course, the iPhone 3GS did have a spec bump in addition to offering video recording, something Palm could certainly do with the Pre Plus.


What’s on our wish list for the Palm Pre Plus?

  • Glass screen
  • Refinements abound. Read: Less plastic, more solid feeling device
  • Video recording
  • 16GB of storage
  • Improve camera quality. We’re not as concerned with megapixels as we are with the optics.

This would be a device worthy of the ‘Plus’ moniker. What are you hoping, wishing for from the Palm Pre Plus? Let us know in the comments or in our Palm Forums.

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