What happened to the Palm Pixi Plus on AT&T?

For weeks, AT&T has been promoting both the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus as coming soon. Last week, a leaked slide provided details on the Palm Pre Plus launch, details which became official today via Facebook. We’re a bit old school in our preference for a standard press release in our inbox, but then you miss out on exchanges between consumers and company. One of those consumers asked the question on our minds, “Does the Palm Pixi Plus come out on the 16th as well?”


AT&T:  “We don’t have exact details to share on when the Palm Pixi Plus is coming out, but we’ll let you know right here.”

Sounds non-committal and we’re wondering if the Palm Pixi Plus might not see the light of day on the network. One could say that will keep AT&T staff focused on just one webOS device, but we just don’t know.

What about you? Were you waiting on the Palm Pixi Plus or is the Palm Pre Plus that truly desire?


  1. AKITAYO says:

    No date launch for the Pixi Plus on AT&T as you said but it is apparently on their plans


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