Windows Mobile on Treo Announcement

Treo 700W Announcement

By: Christopher Meinck

As expected, Verizon, Palm and Microsoft announced a new Treo running on Windows Mobile. The new Treo 700W will run Windows Mobile 5.0.

Treo 700 Windows Mobile

  • The device was developed for Verizon’s EVDO network.
  • Broadband access – Denny Strigl quoted as saying, “it’s lightning fast
  • Will be released early next year
  • Palm will not be releasing specifications
  • No specific product name other than Windows Mobile on Treo
  • Domestic US release
  • Certification process is on the “fast track” according to Denny Strigl
  • Verizon will continue to carry Treo 650 in addition to Windows Mobile Treo
  • Palm Treo will continue development on a “different track
  • WiFi will be available through an expansion slot

Read the official press release.

Treo 700

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