Woz Carries Verizon Pre, Jobs Offers Praise for Palm

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the problem Apple has been having with the so-called death grip. Steve Wozniak, one of the original founders of Apple, said he was able to duplicate the problem. His solution, carry a Verizon Palm Pre Plus as a backup.

If you can afford it, carry a second Verizon phone for backup. Another option is to carry a Verizon mifi and rely on Skype on your iPhone. I have used this mifi technique to rescue my own, and others’, iPhones on occasion. If you buy a Verizon Palm Pre, you get free mifi on it so that is possible the best ‘compromise’ solution, to carry a Verizon Palm Pre along with your AT&T iPhone 4.

Today’s Apple press conference surrounding Antennagate saw none other than Steve Jobs offering up a compliment to Palm.

“And we’re pretty good at making software, we showed that in the iPod… other people are good at it too, like Palm, but we brought great software to the smartphone space.”

There you have it Palmaniacs. See, Apple’s not so bad.

via MobileCrunch and Engadget


  1. sapient says:

    great story and endirsement from Woz. I was hoping he would have some insight on the Pre plus aside from the mobile hot spot feature. Can we get his opinion on the phone?

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